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What is the Injured Workers' Advocacy Program (IWAP)?

A (501c3) non-profit program created to provide support services throughout all phases of the injured worker's process as well as to advocate on the rights of injured workers


From the point of injury to the long term injury process, IWAP serves the interests of the injured worker. Initially Founded in 2013 by, Joe Dougherty and Brian Dougherty, Executive Directors of PhillyLabor ( to help union workers suffering from job related injuries, IWAP now provides ALL injured workers with guidance and resources necessary to help them make the right choices for their situations as well as to secure and maintain workers compensation benefits and treatment when needed in order to recover from their injuries with dignity in the face of a workers compensation system that often fails them.


Note - All Injured Workers Advocacy Program Services Are FREE to Injured Workers


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Who is eligible to Participate in the IWAP Program?

A) Individuals recently injured on the job B) Individuals suffering the long term effects of work injuries C) Individuals unable to work due to non-work related injuries may also be eligible for IWAP support services. NOTE: IWAP is currently available only to those suffering from job related injuries occurring in Pennsylvania.

IF YOU ARE A RECENTLY (OR LONG TERM) INJURED WORKER And in need of information, assistance or support services, Contact Us At: 800-715-0452


* IWAP is a member of the Injury Services Network (ISN)


PRIVACY POLICY - The Injury Services Network, comprised of the Injured Workers Advocacy Program 501c3 and the Injured Workers Network, agrees to keep all information submitted to us confidential and private and therefore agrees not to share said information with any third party entity outside the network.